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Cell Fusion  60x48


 Original Abstract Art Paintings on Canvas

Red Horizon 36x48

​​About the artist 

Lané Batistá Joyner


I am a Brooklyn New York native.

My foundation for the love of Fine Art developed as a young adult.  My artistic process began during the numerous visits to NYC Museums and Art Galleries. Inspiration led to winning three NYC Student Art Contests promoting a Scholarship to the NYC School of Art and Design. That reinforced my passion.

Currently, my work derives from visual influence via numerous sources encountered daily. My Abstract Art acrylic paintings on canvas reflect styles of modern, natural art, surreal imagery and seascapes.  Each original painting encompasses vibrant colors, textures, motion and depth. "I believe Art is interpreted by what a viewer sees within a current ‘snapshot’ of their minds eye".

 My 'New Chapter'... focus and enjoy the creation of expression as an Artista.

Currently my paintings are around the USA in private establishments. Opportunities to publicly share my original works of Art are now boundless.

All Abstract Art paintings are 100% Hand-painted. One-of-a-kind. No digital art. No prints.

Enjoy the Art Gallery!